Submit Data and Track Performance with the Patient Management Tool

Updated:Feb 6,2018

The Patient Management ToolTM -  Data Submission, Performance Reporting and More

The American Heart Association's Patient Management Tool™ (PMT) is an online, interactive assessment and reporting system, powered by IQVIA, formerly Quintiles Real World & Late Phase Research, in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Together, the AHA and IQVIA can meet your data submission requirements while tracking and reporting on your hospital's performance at delivering guidelines-based treatment.
GWTG-CAD data is the data source that will be used for Mission: Lifeline STEMI and NSTEMI recognition measure analysis in 2018 and beyond.

Mission: Lifeline quarterly data and volume requirements have been amended for 2018 due to the transition to having GWTG-CAD support the highly acclaimed and very popular Mission: Lifeline recognition program.
  • One quarter of GWTG-CAD data is required to be eligible to earn a new Bronze level award or to maintain the previous year’s award level and volume requirements are adjusted accordingly
  • Two quarters of GWTG-CAD data is required to be eligible to earn a new Silver level award or to move up an award level from the level achieved in 2017and volume requirements are adjusted accordingly
  • All achievement and volume criteria must be met
  • The full list of Mission: Lifeline requirements and amendments can be found in the 2018 Mission: Lifeline Recognition Receiving and Referring Criteria documents posted in the right-hand menu
  • GWTG-CAD offers competitive pricing options for 2018, as low as $500
  • GWTG-CAD is free for 2018 for hospitals applying to Cardiovascular Centers of Excellence Accreditation
GWTG-CAD Patient Management Tool functions include:
  • Updated interactive platform beginning early 2018
  • Real-time data and measure reporting to eliminate delays in performance feedback 
  • Advanced patient-level drill down
  • Availability of EMS and Referring hospital pickers which will enable regional feedback by agency or by hospital 
  • Increased EMS engagement
  • Physician tracking to help in evaluating performance by physician group or individual physician
  • Point-of-care tools, including patient education 
  • Raw data downloads for additional analysis  
  • Real-time benchmarking by hospital size, region and other variables
  • Real-time data checks to identify potential entry errors prior to submission
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Email Mission: Lifeline for more information regarding the new GWTG-CAD module supporting Mission: Lifeline.