Get With The Guidelines-AFIB Recognition Criteria

Updated:Feb 10,2017

Effective January 1, 2016, the American Heart Association will implement an automated award process for Get With The Guidelines®-AFIB program

What does that mean for the hospitals?

  • Hospital no longer will have submit an on-line paper version of their award application
  • Data will be transferred quarterly via Quintiles to AHA, the data will be aggregated by hospital, and award eligibility will be determined
  • Time of compliance will be on the calendar year (January to December) for all award levels
  • Hospitals will be notified in May if they qualify for award

What is the hospital responsibility under the new automated award process?

  • Hospitals must have all prior year (calendar year) data entered into the PMT by March 31.
  • Complete Quality Improvement Programs Permission Form (document) and return to your local QSI director (Only necessary to complete if not done so in past or you have name change request) 
  • Hospital will be notified by local QSI staff in May if they qualify for award

Don’t miss out on these recognition opportunities.  We thank you for your continued dedication to improving patient care, if you have any questions please contact your local representative or email

Award Level

Hospitals that participate actively and consistently in Get With The Guidelines®--AFIB are eligible for public recognition.  Participating in GWTG-AFIB is the first level of recognition.  It acknowledges program participation and entry of baseline data into the Patient Management ToolTM. View the Get With The guidelines Participating Hospital award permission for (document).

With The Guidelines-AFIB Achievement Measures. The different levels reflect the amount of time for which the hospital demonstrates performance at a minimum of 85% compliance.

  • Bronze: recognizes performance of 90 consecutive days.
  • Silver recognizes performance of 12 consecutive months.
  • Gold recognizes performance of 24 consecutive months or more.

The Achievement Measures are embedded in the Patient Management Tool*. They are:

  • ACEI/ARB or ARNI Prescribed Prior to Discharge (When LVEF ≤40): Percentage of patients with a diagnosis of AF or atrial flutter, with HF with an LVEF ≤40, who were prescribed an ACEI, ARB or ARNI prior to discharge.
  • CHA2DS2–VASc risk Score Documented Prior to Discharge: Percent of patients, age 18 and older, with nonvalvular and bioprosthetic valve Atrial Fibrillation or Atrial Flutter for in whom assessment of thromboembolic risk factors using the CHA2DS2- VASc risk score criteria has been documented in the medical record.
  • Beta Blocker Prescribed Prior to Discharge (when LVEF ≤ 40): Percentage of patients, age ≥18 y, with a diagnosis of AF or atrial flutter with an LVEF ≤40 who were prescribed a beta blocker prior to discharge.
  • FDA approved Anticoagulation Prescribed Prior to Discharge: Percent of patients, age 18 and older, with nonvalvular, valvular and bioprosthetic valve atrial fibrillation or atrial flutter who were discharged on warfarin or another Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved other anticoagulant drug that is FDA approved for the prevention of thromboembolism for all patients with nonvalvular, valvular and bioprosthetic valve atrial fibrillation or atrial flutter at high risk for thromboembolism, according to CHA2DS2–VASc risk stratification.
  • PT/INR Planned Follow-Up Documented Prior to Discharge for Warfarin Treatment: Percentage of patients, age ≥18 y, with nonvalvular, valvular and bioprosthetic valve AF or atrial flutter who have been prescribed warfarin and who have a PT/INR follow-up scheduled prior to hospital discharge.
  • Statin at discharge in AF patients with CAD, CVA/TIA, PVD, or Diabetes: Percent of patients with either CAD, CVA/TIA, PVD or diabetes who were prescribed a statin at hospital discharge.

Please note: Recognition criteria are subject to change based on program enhancements

* The Patient Management ToolTM is powered by Outcome, A Quintiles Company, Cambridge, Mass

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