Did you know that there are NEW benchmarking groups?

Updated:Oct 7,2013
Two new benchmarking groups were recently added to the Get With The Guidelines® Patient Management ToolTM (PMT). 
  • Certified AHA/ASA/TJC Comprehensive Stroke Centers
  • Critical Access Hospitals
What are benchmarking groups?
As a Get With The Guidelines hospital, your site has the ability to compare your performance to other similar Get With The Guidelines sites. These benchmarking groups allow you to analyze your hospital’s performance level on key Get With The Guideline MEASURES and to better determine where improvements may be needed. 

Where can I find the benchmarking groups?
 Within the Patient Management ToolTM (PMT), the benchmarking groups are found on the Reports tab under the Configurable Measure Reports link. Each benchmarking group to which your hospital is assigned will appear in the “Compare to:” box.
How is my hospital assigned to one of these new benchmarking groups?
  • Certified AHA/ASA/TJC Comprehensive Stroke Centers: Within about one month of your hospital’s certification by American Heart Association/American Stroke Association and The Joint Commission as a Comprehensive Stroke Center, you will see this benchmarking group appear within the PMT.
  • Same as above applies to AHA/ASA/TJC certified Primary Stroke Centers.
  • Critical Access Hospitals: For both Get With The Guidelines-Stroke and Get With The Guidelines-HF users, if your site is contracted with Outcome, A Quintiles Company as a Critical Access Hospital, you will see this benchmarking group within the PMT.
Questions or Concerns:
If your site is not seeing the appropriate benchmarking groups within the PMT, please reach out to your local AHA field staff representative. S/he can assist you with re-assignment.