Sodium and Salt

Updated:Apr 21,2017

Does my daily sodium intake matter?

Want to know more about how much sodium is too much? If you are wondering how much sodium per day you should be getting, check out our post about how much salt you should eat. And, check out our Sodium Reduction Initiative website to learn how to reduce the salt in your diet and for information, strategies, and tools you need to lead a healthier life. For the latest food news, you can find our weekly blog. While you’re at it, Break Up with Salt today!

What are the new FDA sodium targets?

Recent FDA news highlights the release of draft voluntary sodium targets. So what do the new voluntary sodium targets really mean for you? Food manufacturing companies and restaurants that eventually adopt the targets will lower the amount of sodium in their foods to meet the new targets; making healthier foods available to you and millions of other consumers. You will have the power to choose the healthier option.

Food Companies and Sodium Reduction

Some food companies have already been working to reduce sodium in many of their products. Learn more and take action?

About Sodium

Learn about sodium’s role in a healthy diet and why a love affair with salt can break your heart.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sodium

Find out how to reduce the salt in your diet and get information, strategies, and tools you need to lead a healthier life.

How to Track Your Sodium

Sodium can be sneaky, showing up in a vast majority of the foods we eat every day even if we never pick up the salt shaker. Learn how to track your sodium intake.

How much sodium should you eat per day?

Find out how much sodium the American Heart Association recommends and get tips for keeping track of how much sodium you’re eating.

A Primer on Potassium

Find out how boosting your potassium intake can help you in the breakup with excess salt.

How to Reduce Salt and Sodium in Your Diet

Most of us are eating much more sodium than we need, even if we never pick up the salt shaker. Get tips on cutting back and how to build a healthier relationship with food.

Sea Salt Versus Table Salt

Discover how sea salt and table salt might not be as different as you think.

 Can processed f be part of a healthy diet?

More than 75 percent of the sodium in the average American diet comes from salt added to processed foods. Find out where all that salt is coming from.

Sodium Infographics

Learn more about sodium with these printable and sharable infographics.

The Salty Six – Common Foods that Add the Most Sodium to Diet

The AHA created the “Salty Six” – to show you the top six foods that contribute the most sodium to our diets, without even picking up the salt shaker.

Sources of Sodium

Become a sodium sleuth – find out how salt slips into your diet, including the places where you may not expect it.

Sodium Science: The Facts About Kids

While sodium is necessary for health, most children eat more than what is safe and recommended. Learn the facts on conflicting headlines about sodium and salt in kids’ diets.

Sodium and Kids

Most kids get too much salt in their diet, but you can help set them on a healthier path from the start.

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