Meat & Fish

Updated:Mar 9,2016

Meat and fish are the richest source of protein available but it’s important to regulate the intake of protein as well as fat. Creating meals that focus on getting heart-healthy proteins into your body can go a long way towards developing a heart-healthy diet.

About Meat, Poultry and Fish
Ensuring your diet contains fish and leaner meats is a good way to cut out harmful fats.
Fish and Omega-3 Fatty Acids
What are omega-3 fatty acids and how can this knowledge help lower your risk of heart disease?
How to Eat More Chicken, Fish and Beans
Chicken, fish and beans contain less cholesterol and saturated fats than red meats.
Eating Fish for Heart Health
Studies show that eating fish at least two times a week can help lower your cholesterol and reduce your chance of heart disease.
Meals Without Meat
Decreasing animal fat in your diet can help lower your cholesterol and decrease your risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.
Protein and Heart Health
Most Americans get too much protein and, as a result, too much saturated fat. Learn how much you need.



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