Heart-Check Mark for Health Professionals

Updated:Oct 31,2017

Heart-Check Mark for Health ProfessionalsIntroducing your clients or patients to the American Heart Association’s Heart-Check mark gives them a quick, easy and dependable way to spot heart-healthy foods when grocery shopping or dining out. Use our free Health Professional Toolkit and handouts to help your clients/patients make smarter food choices.

What the Heart-Check Mark Represents
When the Heart-Check mark is on the label or menu, you can be confident that it represents the strong science and credibility of the nation’s leader in heart health. In fact, that’s what makes the Heart-Check mark the most trusted and recognized nutrition symbol around.

Items with the Heart-Check mark have been certified by the American Heart Association to meet our nutrition requirements (see below). Foods bearing the American Heart Association Heart-Check mark are building blocks that make it easier for consumers to construct a heart-healthy dietary pattern since the majority of consumers need guidance in this area.

Where to Find the Heart-Check Mark
Certified options can be found in the grocery store and in restaurants/foodservice, and the nutrition requirements are developed specifically for each environment based on American Heart Association science and federal regulations.

You may also see the Heart-Check mark as part of the American Heart Association Hospital Accreditation and Certification program. For that program, the Heart-Check mark indicates the quality of hospital care, and has nothing to do with the food available at hospitals.

How You and Your Clients / Patients Can Use the Heart-Check Mark

  • The Heart-Check mark can be the deciding factor when comparing similar foods.
  • Narrowing down the array of choices is simpler when your clients or patients look for the foods that display the Heart-Check mark.
  • It’s a shortcut - a fast way to find foods that will support heart-healthy dietary goals.
  • It’s a simple first step. If your clients or patients can only commit to one goal, looking for the Heart-Check mark is an easy way to take the first step to a healthier diet. 
  • Make grocery shopping a game by asking kids to spot the Heart-Check mark on foods.

The Heart-Check mark is a powerful aide for teaching and motivating your clients/patients to make better food choices. Our Health Professional Toolkit is a free resource that helps make using the mark easier. It provides valuable resources and practical tools to use in your practice, including handouts and worksheets.

The Heart-Check mark is just one of the many tools the American Heart Association has to help all Americans make an effort to live healthier.

No donations are used to support the Heart-Check program.  Participants in the Heart-Check program pay an administrative fee to the American Heart Association which is used to cover program operating expenses.

Heart-Check Mark for Health Professionals