Tips for Eating Vietnamese Food

Updated:Sep 12,2016

Vietnamese food is one of the world's oldest and most exquisite cuisines. Its subtle flavors and textures blend the Far East with French cooking for a marvelous dining experience.


Banh michien voitom (fried shrimp toast)

Canh chua tom (spicy and sour shrimp soup)

Cha gio (fried spring rolls)

Goi cuon (fresh spring roll)

Vit quay (roast duck)

Bo xa lui nuong (grilled beef with lemon grass in rice paper with vegetables)

Oy Heo xao chua ngot (sweet and sour pork)

Ca hap (steamed whole fish)

Ca-ri ga (curry chicken)

Ca kho to (fish steamed with caramel sauce in clay pot)

Banh dua ca ra men (coconut flan with caramel)

Lychee (fruit in syrup)