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Updated:Jan 26,2016
Ron and Sunny David with thunderbird and dog

Many of Ron & Sunny's friends have heart problems and some have passed away. Because of the research and professionalism of its many employees and volunteers, the AHA has become one of their favorite organizations. And because of dedicated people like the AHA rep who served them so well, they've made provisions for a future gift to the association in their documents We received a brochure from the American Heart Association on Estate Planning and Trusts along with a letter that was personally prepared and signed by their representative. It immediately caught our attention because we knew that to limit our state and federal taxes later, we had to make some important decisions now. If we didn’t, there would be consequences. We had some unique issues, too.

In the past, we had attended seminars on Estate Planning and Trusts. We had even met with lawyers to begin the process. However, we were frustrated by the amount of legalese and the costs involved in discussing, designing and implementing the documents.  That’s why we decided to ask for assistance from the American Heart Association representative. We immediately received a response. It included ideas for us to research, especially on how our estate could avoid paying taxes when we both passed away. We also received a Personal Record Booklet and information about durable power of attorney documents and "what to do" upon the passing of a spouse.

At no time did the representative mention that perhaps we should consider a future gift to the American Heart Association in our documents. We were so impressed with that attitude that we called to ask for more information. The representative mentioned that he would be in our area in the next couple of weeks and would be glad to come to our house to meet and talk with us.
After several meetings, we felt comfortable and let him assist us in retaining an attorney to prepare the documents we needed. The cost was very reasonable. We are now so relieved that we have the necessary documents completed. Knowing that our affairs are in order and that we and our heirs are protected has given us a real feeling of peace.

I would encourage people of all ages to get the brochure "When the Time Comes." It will help them become more informed and encouraged and, if they want, they can get personal help from someone like the person who served us.
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