Tips for Eating Chinese Food

Updated:Sep 13,2016

PE-DiningOut_chinese_bannerChinese food is one of America's most popular and healthy ethnic cuisines, but it can be high in sodium. Main dish portions are often quite large, so try ordering fewer entrees than you have dinner companions. Then divide and devour!


  • Choose entrees with lots of vegetables — chop suey with steamed rice is an example.
  • Substitute chicken for duck, when possible.
  • Skip the crispy fried noodles on the table.
  • Ask the cook to use less oil when preparing stir-fry and other dishes and to leave out soy sauce, MSG and salt.

Egg drop soup

Wonton or hot-and-sour soup, or skip the soup completely.

Egg rolls or fried wontons

Steamed dumplings

Fried entrees

Boiled, broiled, steamed or lightly stir-fried entrees

Dishes with fried meats

Dishes with lots of vegetables

Dishes with cashews and peanuts (not a problem if you're not overweight)

Dishes with water chestnuts

Fried rice

Steamed rice

Lobster sauce (egg yolks); oyster,

bean and soy sauce

Sweet and sour sauce, plum or duck sauce

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