Metabolic Syndrome

Learn how to treat and prevent PAD
Close Up Of Happy Senior Couple About Metabolic Syndrome
Metabolic syndrome is a combination of factors that multiply a person's risk for heart disease, diabetes and stroke. Almost 34% of American adults are affected. 
Medical illustration Of ArteriesMetabolic Syndrome Matters
Metabolic syndrome is dangerous because when individual risk factors are seen together in a person, the likelihood increases for cardiovascular problems and diabetes. 
Close Up Of Father And SonYour Risk for Metabolic Syndrome
Certain risk factors are inherited and others can be changed by making healthy choices. Find out your risk and what you can do to reduce your odds for cardiovascular problems.
Close Up Of r And DaughterSymptoms & Diagnosis
Many of the risk factors that make up metabolic syndrome have no symptoms until severe damage has been done, so it's important to understand and discuss these factors with your healthcare provider. 
Senior Couple LaughingPrevention & Treatment
By working with your healthcare professional, metabolic syndrome is treatable and you can reduce your risks. Discover what you can do to prevent and treat metabolic syndrome.

This content was last reviewed on 05/14/2014.

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