Your HIV Healthcare Team

Updated:Jun 19,2015

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Dr. Marshall Glesby, clinical researcher and HIV practitioner, and Dr. Lori Mosca, preventative cardiologist, explain how you can make the most of your relationship with your healthcare team. Which goals are your responsibility and which goals are best managed by your healthcare team? Learn more and begin enjoying the benefits of better health.

Your healthcare includes your overall wellness

There's no better partner for helping you manage your HIV than your healthcare provider. In addition to watching key indicators of your HIV wellness, your doctor can help you manage your blood pressure, quit smoking, lower your cholesterol, as well as monitor for cancer and hepatitis and check kidney and liver function—all important factors in healthy living.

How can I effectively partner with my healthcare provider?

Some patients living with HIV have one primary goal: to get the HIV under control. While that's often the most important goal initially, it's important to remember that even when your HIV is well controlled, you may still be at risk of long-term medical problems like heart disease.

It may be due to the HIV itself, prolonged exposure to anti-retrovirals or chronic inflammation of your arteries, but whatever the reason, if you are going to live a long and full life, you will need to pay attention to your goals for wellness.

Your goals will include quitting smoking if you smoke, learning about healthy eating and exercise habits, making sure you get your screenings and sticking to your treatments. Your healthcare provider can help you track your blood pressure, ensure you are doing well with your smoking cessation, check your cholesterol regularly and get early screenings you may need. If problems appear or if you drop below your goals in one of these areas, your healthcare provider will want to treat it before it gets more complicated.

You can enjoy the peace of mind knowing your HIV is well-controlled, but frequent reviews of your wellness checklist can help keep you in the clear for many years to come.