HIV Wellness Checklist: Know Where You Stand

Updated:Aug 21,2015

People living with HIV have even more reason to take care of cardiovascular factors for good health. By using this simple checklist, you can know exactly where you stand according to the guidelines for wellness.

Set effective goals

Each health component has measurable and actionable steps you can take to reach your goals. This tool is based on the highly researched guidelines from the American Heart Association and the National Institute of Health.

Participate in your own progress

As with all guidelines, your health practitioner may have solid reasons for prescribing different personal wellness goals for you. This checklist provides a good resource as you discuss your health goals with your practitioner. We encourage you to take notes and determine your action steps to help you reach your wellness goals.

HIV Wellness Checklist Graphic Text

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T-Cell HIV Wellness Row


  • Green Icon for HIV Checklist In normal, healthy individuals, T-cell counts range from 500-1500 cells/ mL.
  • Yellow Icon for HIV Checklist Individuals who are HIV-positive and have T-cell counts between 350 and 500 cell/mL will need to be evaluated individually by a physician to determine whether treatments should be started or changed, depending on the total picture of symptoms, viral load and T-cell count.
  • Red Icon for HIV Checklist People living with HIV who have a T-cell count of less than 350 T-cells/mL should be offered treatment.

Download a PDF version of this checklist to take with you to your next checkup.