Check It, Change It High Blood Pressure Program Results

Updated:Oct 31,2013

Check It, Change It* was launched in Durham County, N.C. to help people in a targeted community (about 74 percent African-American) maintain healthy blood pressure. The program used a combination of our web-based tracking tool, Heart360®, with access to remote monitoring, health mentoring and guidance from physician assistants as needed.

Heart360 does more than track information. It educates patients about their condition with targeted relevant educational content, tools and resources. Users gain a better understanding of their current health information and are guided to a more specific action plan suited to their current health needs. Heart360 connects to Microsoft HealthVault, a personal health application platform that provides a privacy- and security-enhanced foundation that’s used by a broad range of providers to advance health and wellness.

A scientific study found that a program using this type of approach can improve blood pressure across a diverse or high-risk community. It found that the number of participants with healthy blood pressure (less than 140/90) increased by 12 percent in six months. The number of participants who had high blood pressure in the range of 140-149/90-99 decreased by 4.7 percent, and those with readings in the higher range of 150/100 or above decreased by 8.2 percent. The study concluded that a program that follows this type of approach can improve blood pressures across a diverse or high-risk community.

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Based on the positive results of Check It, Change It, Check. Change. Control. is rolling out across the United States.

*Check It, Change It was developed through a collaboration of the American Heart Association and Durham Health Innovations. Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation (NPC) provided the full funding for this initiative and is recognized for their participation and support.


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