Heart Attack

About Heart AttacksAbout Heart Attacks
Questions and answers to help you understand your heart attack and how you can begin your journey to recovery.
Warning Signs of Heart AttackWarning Signs of Heart Attack
Not all heart attacks are sudden and intense. Most start slowly with mild chest or upper body discomfort. Women are more likely to experience certain symptoms (nausea/vomiting, back pain, jaw pain, etc.) than men.
Understand Your Risk of Heart AttackUnderstand Your Risk of Heart Attack
The more risk factors you have, the greater your chance of suffering a heart attack. By understanding your risks, you can identify ways to improve your chances for living a healthy life—free of cardiovascular disease.
Symptoms and Diagnosis of Heart AttackSymptoms & Diagnosis of Heart Attack
Find out the symptoms for heart disease that can lead to a heart attack. Learn about the diagnostic tests patients may undergo. By understanding these tests, you'll be a well-informed partner in your journey toward better health.
Prevention and Treatment of Heart AttackPrevention & Treatment of Heart Attack
Whether you've had a heart attack or you're simply looking to improve your health, your positive lifestyle choices can make a big difference. Learn more about heart attack treatment options and healthier choices for living well.
Tools and ResourcesTools & Resources
Learn and live with our heart attack educational resources like quizzes, downloadable patient information sheets, glossary and links to publications.

This content was last reviewed July 2015.

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