Nancy - Cary, IL

Updated:Sep 22,2010

Age: 51
Name: Nancy A
Location: Cary, IL


To say the least I was shocked at my diagnosis. Not only do I have type 2 diabetes, but high blood pressure 190/90 and high cholesterol too.

I had a carefree lifestyle that's for sure I ate pretty much what I wanted and had a cocktail or two when I wanted and WHAM I was broadsided with type 2 diabetes.

When I found out i cried and blamed me for my unhealthy lifestyle. But i picked myself up with the help of my 25 year old daughter who monitors my 1500 cal a day diet and my meds and makes me exercise even when i don't want to.

Oh, I have days when i want to have a pity party but you know what each and everyday is a learning experience and that's what others need to know learn what you can about diabetes and pass it on to others who need to know you are not alone. And it helps to have a great support system too.

Sometimes i forget to take my blood sugar it's rough because i am still over whelmed but i clear that hurdle and go on with my day. I have a great life it had to change a little no make that alot but I wake up each day and I know i can get thru it.