Michael - Overland Park, KS

Updated:Sep 22,2010

Age: 54
Name: Michael S
Location: Overland Park, KS


I got mad and was still mad for some time.

I was just living life to the fullest, just doing what I needed to do. I went to my doctor and had some blood work done – the whole ball of wax. I got a phone call telling me that I need to see my doctor as soon as I can about my test. It was not a good reading at all.

I got mad and was still mad for some time. I told my wife to call the doctor’s office. I need to have a talk with her. So she told me, and I didn’t want to hear at all that I had Type 2 diabetes. They told me to what to do with my life. I need to go to a class about diabetes.

So I did go to the class, my blood sugar level today at 8am was 111 and that was a good one for the morning. At 6:45pm my blood was 86, so that was real good for me. A little bit low, so we went out to eat dinner.



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