Janis - Roswell, GA

Updated:Sep 17,2010

Age: 51
Location: Aberdeen, SD


I would advise someone newly diagnosed to hit diabetes full steam. You have no time to lose.

Before I was diagnosed with diabetes, I was eating whenever and whatever I wanted to eat. I was eating out of boredom at work, would eat lots of candy, chips, or whatever I could get out of the machines at work. I was also very sedentary, no exercise, no walking or anything.

I first learned I was diagnosed on 1/5/07. I did not get to see a dietitian until 13 days later, and I asked how I was supposed to eat. They asked how I was eating and my response to that was that was what got me in trouble in the first place.

I decided from that point on, I was going to have to do something on my own about this. I started just eating the portions suggested on the packages. I did this until I met with a dietitian and my blood sugar was down to 102. That is the first time I had my blood tested with a glucose meter.

I was not prepared for all that I had to do to keep the blood sugar down; my readings over the next year went as my weight went down. My biggest challenge was always being hungry after I had eaten a “meal.” My body had to adjust to my new eating style.

I have now lost 125 pounds and am now on a plateau. I was told by the doctor to add resistance training to my daily walking to help me start losing weight again.

On the upside, I have never bought so many new clothes before!! I am able to fit into places I have never fit before, like chairs with arms; that never thrilled me so much, to fit into cars I have never fit in before. Now looking at the clothes that no longer fit, I wonder to myself “I used to wear that size.”

I would advise someone newly diagnosed to hit diabetes full steam. You have no time to lose. Your blood sugar needs to be brought down to more healthy levels. It is okay to be feeling a flood of different emotions. This is basically a life changing event that will have to be handled the rest of your life. You will have a lot of questions and there are lots of resources to find your information, the internet being a great resource.

My plans are to continue to lose weight and keep it off; I am still looking for my next new outfit. Right now I am at a point that I don’t have to test my blood sugar unless I feel a need to. I don’t take any medicine for my diabetes. I am right now a person who is controlling my diabetes with my diet and exercise. And I have to continue to do this the rest of my life as I see it, my body has spoken.

It was sick and tired of being overweight and rebelled and I am taking control of my life, my health and my diabetes. This is the hardest and most rewarding thing I have done for myself and I want to continue to keep myself healthy and my body going down in weight. I have more work to do and the reward of better health and longer life is great motivation to continue on the program that I am on now.

Diabetes can be controlled; you have it within yourself to do this. If I can do this, I know anyone can. I was very undisciplined and now I can say WOW, I can look at what I have done and be proud of that.



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