Janet - Malabar, FL

Updated:Sep 17,2010

Age: 40
Name: Janet H
Location: Malabar, FL

Through diet and exercise, I managed to get off of the medication that I was taking for my blood pressure and have been able to keep my blood pressure down since December 2008. Also, I have brought down my cholesterol levels dramatically. My trigycerides were so high, that the lab technicians were unable to determine my LDL level. Now I am just slightly over the limit.

I also have managed to lose 35 pounds through doing my own type of program; not following one of these fad diets that are always popping up.

When I got diagnosed with Pre-diabetes, I knew it was going to happen sooner or later. There are too many factors stacked against me for it not to happen. It is prevalent on both sides of my family, my weight, and my diet. Because of the obstacles that I have overcome, others are getting inspired, and that is the greatest joy that I could have. The hardest challenge that I will be facing now is to get my sugar under control. I'm sure that I will be able to do it, it will just take will power & a good diet (I hope).



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