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Updated:Feb 4,2015

Heart360 cholesterol toolkitUnderstanding and Managing Cholesterol
Find videos, quizzes, trackers and more with our interactive cholesterol guide. Your patients will learn about risk factors, treatment and measurement of cholesterol, along with helpful tips for daily living. They'll feel empowered to manage their cholesterol.

The power of getting patients involved
When patients track their key health numbers, they are empowered to live a longer, healthier life. 
Learn how connected care can help your patients.

Downloadable Toolkit

Pocket Guide
Heart360 pocket guide with information about initiating dialogue with patients on high cholesterol management and the importance of managing coronary heart disease, as well as guidelines for treating high cholesterol

Referral Pad — English | Spanish
Provides a quick and easily accessible handout instructing patients how to enroll in Heart360

Waiting Room Poster
Encourages enrollment in Heart360

Quick Start Guide
Shows you how to enroll in Heart360

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