Caregiver Rights Introduction

Updated:Aug 5,2016

Elderly woman and her female doctor sitting and talkingAs a caregiver, with all your added responsibilities you may be putting your own health and happiness on hold. There are probably days when you feel like you've "lost yourself." You're not alone. Many caregivers feel that way.

This list of Caregiver Rights will help you re-focus some time and energy on caring for yourself and let you know that it's not unusual to feel under-appreciated, frustrated, left out and even angry. Download and print your Caregiver Rights. Pin them up where you and the person you care for can see them. Add other rights that are specific to you, or highlight those that you're likely to sacrifice without even realizing it.

Sharing this list of rights with the person you care for will help clear the air, give you the courage to stand up for yourself and allow you to ask for those rights without feeling guilty. You have the right to be healthy and happy, even while you're giving care to someone else.

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