Errands to Exercise By

Updated:Aug 8,2016

OK, so you have to pick up prescriptions from the pharmacy... swing by the grocery store... stop at the bank... and go to the mall. You're in luck. You can do all this and exercise, too.

At all your stops, park as far away as you can. Instant perk: It's easy to find a parking space! Depending on the number of stops you make, you could accumulate 10 to 20 minutes of walking by the end of your errands!

Take a look at these ideas and think of your own ways to fit in fitness:

  • Banking. Get out of your car and go inside. Doing so can pay added dividends because you'll get to know your banking staff personally. And vice versa. This relationship may prove helpful when you want to take out a loan or use other banking services.
  • Car Pooling. What can you do with a carload of kids? Not much while you're driving. Park the car a few blocks from school and walk the rest of the way with them. After they go inside, take a couple of turns around the block, the school grounds or the track.
  • Cleaners. Carry your laundry to and from the cleaners from across the parking lot. You'll burn more calories!
  • Grocery Shopping. Grab a cart on the way in. Loop around the inside of the store at least once before heading down the aisles. Do some stretching activities while you're waiting to check out. Push your own groceries out to the car. Take the cart back to the store instead of leaving it in a corral in the parking lot. That will add a few extra walking minutes to your daily goal. All those steps add up! And your stamina and attitude will improve.
  • Hairdresser. Do leg kicks and leg lifts while you're sitting under the dryer.
  • Shopping. Be an "aerobic shopper." Walk the mall before starting your shopping. Climb the stairs instead of using the escalator. Each time you make a purchase, walk back to your car to drop off your bag, adding more steps to your day and lightening your load while shopping.

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