2015 Mobile Tour

Updated:May 22,2015

2015 Anthem Foundation Hands-Only CPR Mobile Tour

The Hands-Only CPR Mobile Tour will be crossing the nation in September and October 2015.  Exact locations in each city specified below will be posted in August 2015.  We look forward to teaching people to save lives through this interactive disco experience.

San Francisco, CA
September 14
Fort Worth, TX
October 2
Sacramento, CA
September 15
Arlington, TX
October 5
Los Angeles, CA
September 17-18
Dallas, TX
October 6
San Diego, CA
September 21-22
Houston, TX
October 7-9
Pueblo, CO
September 25
Baton Rouge, LA
October 13
Colorado Springs, CO
September 28
New Orleans, LA
October 14-15
Denver, CO
September 29-30
Memphis, TN
October 19
 Nashville, TN
October 20-21


Hands-Only CPR in Action

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