Kansas City at Heart

Kansas City at Heart

creating a healthier community for all

The American Heart Association is working with citizens and leaders, collaborating with neighbors and supporters. We are unraveling complex health issues in Kansas City with a powerful combination of groundbreaking research and community leadership. These critical changes improve Kansas City for all – moving us closer to a community, and ultimately, a world free of heart disease and stroke.

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Helping your community by...

Teaching local students to save lives

When CPR is preformed properly and promptly during cardiac arrest, survival rates can double or triple. We are fighting to make this lifesaving training a graduation requirement for all high school students in the Kansas City metro. By filling our city with bystanders equipped to take action, we are helping to improve survival odds for everyone in Kansas City. Find a CPR Class Near You >

Helping communities breathe easier

Tobacco use is the leading preventable cause of death in the U.S. and a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease – the nation’s no. 1 killer. In Kansas City, we’ve worked hard to protect residents from the devastating affects of secondhand smoke by advocating for clean indoor air in workplaces, bars and restaurants. By supporting policies and laws that regulate and reduce tobacco use, especially among youth, and protect non-smokers from exposure, we’re helping Kansas City breathe easier.
Help Create a Tobacco-Free KC >

Improving the health of local employees

On average, men and women spend more than half of their waking hours at work – which can have a significant impact on our health. That is why we collaborate with the Kansas City business community to help create a more physically active, health-conscious culture in the office. From blood pressure screenings to fitness days, our local worksites are starting to work for our wellbeing.
Learn More About Workplace Health >

Fighting for the health of newborns

Congenital heart defects are the leading cause of death in newborns with birth defects. We educated the local community on the need for a simple, non-invasive screening that could prevent these deaths. With a groundswell of support, all newborns in the Kansas City metro are now required to have this screening before they leave the hospital. By working to protect the heart of every child born in Kansas City, we help the youngest members of our community live a healthy and long life.
Advocate For Heart Health in Kansas >
Advocate For Heart Health in Missouri >

Making Kansas City's culture a culture of health

We are working to weave healthy living practices and opportunities into our community. From teaming up with city leaders to support more walking and biking routes, to driving initiatives that make healthier food options available in all neighborhoods, to providing our kids with more opportunities to be active in school – we are making it easier to be healthy where we live, work,
learn and play in Kansas City.

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