Federal Stroke Issues

Updated:Oct 1,2015
Federal Stroke Issues

Each year, approximately 795,000 Americans have a stroke. An estimated 6.8 million U.S. residents are currently living with the effects of a stroke. The American Stroke Association advocates for policies that enhance stroke research, improve the treatment of stroke and ensure access to needed care. Key elements of a stroke system of care include prevention, community education, notification and response of emergency medical services for stroke, acute treatment for stroke, sub-acute stroke care and secondary prevention for stroke, and rehabilitation of stroke patients.

Our federal advocacy priorities for stroke are:

  • Increase the National Institutes of Health’s investment in stroke research. Stroke currently represents only 1 percent of the NIH budget.
  • Ensure that the needs of stroke patients are addressed through the Affordable Care Act.
  • Assist states and regions to develop coordinated systems of care for stroke patients so they get the timely, appropriate treatment they need to reduce disability.
  • Ensure that stroke survivors on Medicare and with private insurance have access to needed therapy services.
  • Remove barriers to the use of telemedicine to help improve timely access to effective stroke care, such as by enacting the Furthering Access to Stroke Telemedicine Act – the FAST Act (S. 1465/H.R. 2799).

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