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Get 4X Matched Until May 31!

Someone dies of stroke every 3 minutes and 17 seconds – and more than half of stroke deaths are women. This American Stroke Month, get 4X matched to help save lives.
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Mending Rural Health

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People in rural communities get sicker and die sooner than people who live in urban or suburban areas. The AHA is determined to close this health care gap, through advocacy, education and by funding research.

It’s American Stroke Month

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Strokes can happen to anyone, at any age. Having a stroke puts you at higher risk for a second one. Learn the F.A.S.T. warning signs of stroke and know your risk factors.

May is for Mental Health Awareness

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Stress can have lasting effects on your health and well-being. It’s impossible to avoid it altogether, but creating a healthy routine and sticking to it can help your body and your brain deal with stress.

The AHA Turns 100

For 100 years, the American Heart Association, along with our volunteers, supporters and collaborating organizations, has worked to build longer, healthier lives. And there’s no letting up in the next 100 years as we remain devoted to a future of health and hope for everyone, everywhere.
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Join 100 Ways In 100 Days

To celebrate our 100-year anniversary, we have a gift for you! Join our FREE, exclusive program to get an email each week for the next 100 days providing you with valuable health tips on eating better, moving more, and improving overall wellbeing.

Make 2024 your best year yet!

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Spring into Healthier Eating

Spring is in the air. Whether you're snacking on-the-go or cooking dinner for the family, there's a heart-healthy recipe to pair with a sunny afternoon on the patio or a rainy evening at home.

Your Support Helps Save Lives

There are so many ways to give. Make a gift in a way that is meaningful for you.

Join us for a Heart Walk in your area

Heart Walk is the American Heart Association's premiere event for raising funds to help save lives from heart disease and stroke.