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The American Heart Association’s ambitious new 10-year goals focus on helping people everywhere increase their healthy life expectancy.

Students call out tobacco industry on Quit Lying Day

From coast to coast, schools are turning basketball game halftimes, pep rallies and other school activities into rallies for students’ health as part of #QuitLying Day.

Students across the country want to hold the e-cigarette industry accountable for its lies to youth about vaping and nicotine addiction. Events empowering them to speak out against vaping are planned throughout January.

Students holding signs to support Quit Lying campaign

AHA names top heart disease and stroke research advances of 2019

Discoveries about genetics, exercise and more make the list of most significant advances against heart disease and stroke in 2019.

Karl Tapales/Moment, Getty Images

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Why the AHA's 2030 goals are so important

The American Heart Association's effort to extend healthy life expectancy for people everywhere over the next decade will take some doing, but it's crucial.

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