Get With The Guidelines® - Collaborative Research Network (GWTG-CORE)

The Get With The Guidelines Collaborative Research Network (GWTG-CORE) is a collaborative research network for participating GWTG hospitals interested in learning about and engaging in clinical research and implementation studies. GWTG-CORE is built upon The American Heart Association's suite of quality improvement registries. These comprehensive data registries hold over 11 million unique patient encounters. Over 2000 hospitals and outpatient clinics collaborate with the American Heart Association to improve evidence-based care for stroke, acute coronary syndromes, heart failure, or atrial fibrillation, and ambulatory patient care outcomes.

Investigators are invited to collaborate with the AHA in clinical research by joining the GWTG-CORE to gain access to a network of participating hospitals, clinics, and community for collaboration through shared research experiences and interests. In addition, GWTG-CORE will enable the AHA to quickly identify and invite eligible GWTG hospitals and health systems to participate in clinical research and implementation studies across the nation.

The network is agile, efficient, and it will drive next-generation research in cardiovascular care.

Highlights of GWTG-CORE include:

  • Easy Registration
  • Diversity of sites, with hospital, clinic, or community organizations welcome
  • Efficient Health IT tools and strategies for data management
  • Patient-centeredness support through AHA's Citizen Scientist Think Tank
  • Social media assets will be available for GWTG-CORE members, upon request
  • Proven success leading innovative clinical trials, coming in on time and under budget
  • Hospital, clinic, and community organizations joined into a single, seamless, agile platform
  • Identify opportune candidates during patient visit
  • Leverage powerful, existing registries to improve clinical research design
  • Rich diversity in trial designs; industry and device entities welcome
  • GWTG-CORE task force has a world-class panel of experts representing disease states

Clinical Research Studies

Contact [email protected](link opens in new window), if you are:

  • A hospital, clinic or community partner interested in learning more
  • Interested in funding or co-marketing
  • Interested in Researcher Opportunities