Messaging Support

Here you can find Million Hearts® Messaging Campaigns and Support Packets to help programmatic and communication staff to help promote and implement the Million Hearts® 2022 priorities.

2020 Messages Can Use 

The Million Hearts® Messaging Campaign reinforces CDC’s Million Hearts® messaging. The American Heart Association and the National Forum engage with our collaborators via a monthly messaging campaign to improve effective dissemination and promotion of key cardiovascular disease (CVD) prevention messages, evidence-based practices and resources that prevent and control heart disease, stroke and related risk factors – all of which work to help build national, state and local strategies to support CVD prevention and management.


September – Cardiac Rehab (PDF)

August  –  Hypertension in Youth (PDF)

July 2018  – Air Quality (PDF)

June 2018 – Men's Health Month and Father's Day (PDF)

May 2018 – Commemorate National Measurement Month, World Hypertension Day, National High Blood Pressure Education Month and National Stroke Awareness Month (PDF)

April 2018 – Commemorate National Minority Health Month by Focusing on Cholesterol Control (PDF)

March 2018 – Celebrate National Nutrition Month (PDF)

February 2018 – Make Heart Healthy Lifestyle Changes (PDF)

January 2018 – Make your New Year’s resolution one to last by focusing on the big picture: your heart health (PDF)


December 2017 – Holidays can Be Stressful, Make time to review the Signs and Symptoms (PDF)

November 2017 – Celebrate the Great American Smokeout (PDF)

October 2017 – Commemorate World Stroke Day This Month by Making Sure Friends, Family and Patients Know the Risk Factors and Signs of a Stroke (PDF)

September 2017 – National Cholesterol Education Month (PDF)

August 2017 – ABC's of Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention (PDF)

July 2017 – Celebrate the start of summer in July by getting outside to exercise with a Cardiac Rehabilitation program (PDF)

June 2017 – Celebrate Father’s Day and Men’s Health Month (PDF)

May 2017 – Celebrate National Stroke Awareness Month, National High Blood Pressure Education Month and Women's Health Week (PDF)

April 2017 – National Minority Health Month - Bridging Health Equity Across Communities (PDF)

March 2017 – March is National Nutrition Month (PDF)

February 2017 – February is American Heart Month (PDF)

January 2017 – As We Move into the New Year, Let’s Work Together to Set Heart Healthy Goals (PDF)


December 2016 – This holiday season, talk with your family about your health history and ways you can improve your health together (PDF)

November 2016 – Help Americans Quit Smoking (PDF)

October 2016 – Honor World Stroke Day by Sharing Stroke Prevention Tips with your Friends, Family, and Patients (PDF)

September 2016 – Celebrate National Cholesterol Education Month by Helping Americans Manage Their Cholesterol Risk (PDF)

August 2016 – Remind Families about the ABC's of Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention (PDF)

July 2016 – Help Americans Kick-Start their Heart-Healthy Summer (PDF)

June 2016 – Good Heart Health is a Gift Men Can Give to Their Families (PDF)

May 2016 – Communicate to Women that High Blood Pressure is a Risk Factor for Cardiovascular Disease (PDF)

April 2016 – Using Evidence-based Tools and Resources to Improve Heart Health (PDF)

March 2016 – Improving Heart Health through Healthy Eating (PDF)

February 2016 – Talking with African American Patients about Heart Health (PDF)

January 2016 – Identifying Hypertensive Patients (PDF)


November/December 2015 – Healthy Eating – Healthy Life (PDF)

September 2015 – In the ABC's – C Stands for Cholesterol Control (PDF)