Made You Move

Take charge of your health.

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Let's Make Moves

We’re all doing a lot. A lot of swiping, streaming, scrolling, double tapping, emoji-picking, and social media stalking. A lot of nothing. While we believe a certain red heart is “giving us life,” we’re neglecting the one that actually does. It’s time we take a stand against sitting. You made your first move coming here, now let’s make more—together. So stay a while, click around, make moves, you might even change your life.

Workouts for the Binge-r in You

Got a case of binge guilt? Here’s a living room friendly exercise routine that will put your binge on a break!

Your thumb scrolls 6 miles / year

See if you could run that and find out some more interesting facts.

Break Your Barriers

Check out some common barriers to fitness and solutions for overcoming them!

Less than 30 minutes per week

That’s okay! We all have to start somewhere. Like right here.

30-90 minutes per week

We get it, exercising is hard. Check this article out, it could help!

90-150 minutes per week

Not Bad! Add these home workouts when you’re not feeling the gym.

More than 150 min per week

You’re doing better than most. Keep it up!
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