Make Movement More Fun Infographic

If you enjoy physical activity, you’re more likely to stay active.

  • Make it social. Moving more with friends – whether it’s walking or square dancing – is a great idea. You’ll have fun and establish a routine.
  • Get your game on! Playing a game brings the fun. (There’s a reason that pickleball is the nation’s fastest-growing sport.) Or simply “gamify” your solo physical activity, by creating mini-challenges to accomplish. (“I bet I can walk the park path in one hour flat today!”)
  • Listen to the latest. Music can be a great motivator. Let your favorite tunes propel you on your neighborhood jog. Or how about an engrossing podcast? The right audio content can make the minutes fly by.
  • Explore the great outdoors. Is the weight machine in the corner of the gym not for you? Take your workout outdoors! The fresh air will invigorate you, and being around nature can boost your mood.
  • Mix it up. It’s easy to grow tired of the same exercise day after day. So don’t be afraid to add new types of movement. Variety has another benefit, too: By working different muscle groups, you’ll add to your overall fitness.
  • Reward yourself. Associate physical activity with something fun. (For example, reserve watching your favorite TV show for when you do your stretching exercises.) Or follow your activity with a reward, like a refreshing drink or relaxing bath.

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Make Movement Fun Infographic

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