21 Days of Gratitude Challenge

21 days of gratitude infographic

Day 1: Write down 1 thing you’re really good at.

Day 2: Find 3 positive ways to describe yourself, write them down and put them somewhere you will see them.

Day 3: Take a photo of something you find beautiful (bonus points for posting it to social media!)

Day 4: If something frustrates you today, take a moment to reframe and find something that IS going your way.

Day 5: Take 2 minutes to list the awesome things your body can do, and remember them when you’re feeling down.

Day 6: Rename your alarm to a nice message, like “The Universe has your back!”, to help you start the day in a positive frame of mind.

Day 7: Think of something about your body that you tend to think of as less than perfect. Then, write a little note of appreciation about it.

Day 8: Look for someone to help today without expecting anything in return.

Day 9: Reach out to someone who could use some extra appreciation.

Day 10: Think of someone who makes your day better and invite them to lunch.

Day 11: Write a note of appreciation to someone you really care about.

Day 12: Offer a hug to someone you’re grateful for. Make it a genuine two-armer!

Day 13: Text someone and tell them why you’re grateful for them.

Day 14: Schedule some time to volunteer in your community. Don’t know where to start? Look for opportunities at Heart.org/HEARTORG/volunteer.

Day 15: Write down what you’ve eaten today and be grateful for every item without judging any of it as “good” or “bad.”

Day 16: Next time life doesn't go your way,try to think of something about the situation that you can be grateful for.

Day 17: Take a moment to invite someone you’re thankful for to dinner.

Day 18: Pause before our next meal to sit in gratitude. Notice how yummy it looks and smells, and feel grateful to the person who prepared it (especial[ if it was you!).

Day 19: Think of someone whose cooking warms your soul and tell them about how much their nourishment has meant to you.

Day 20: During your next meal, try to put your fork down between each bite and really enjoy the flavors, rather than wolfing it down.

Day 21: Take 2 minutes to reflect and write about how you feel after having participated in this challenge. Then, keep the ‘tude going all year long!


Download a PDF of this Infographic.

Last Reviewed 3/2019


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