Eat Smart Month

Eat Smart to Be Well this November

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Want tips to help you stay healthy this holiday season?

Celebrate Healthy for GoodTM Eat Smart Month with us! Every day in November, we’ll help inspire, encourage, rejuvenate and motivate you during the holiday season.

Calendar of Daily Hacks

November 22-30, 2020

Day 22
Get on the good fat. Do it with olive oil. Then say hello to flavor in these mashed potatoes.
Get the Goods
Day 23
If work-from-home or stay-at-home stress has you reaching for food, try some feel-good fetch with a furry family member instead to boost your mood.
5 ways pets can help your happy
Day 24
Thankful to maybe catch up on some sleep this holiday weekend? Gratitude could actually help you snooze more or better.
Try these ABCs to catch more Zzzs
Day 25
Better to stuff your turkey tomorrow than your tummy. Also good to get the family moving together and having fun.
Let's Sit Less
Day 26
Happy Thanksgiving from AHA. Gratitude is good medicine, so please take this to heart. We thank you for making your heart health a priority by trying a daily hack to be Healthy for Good.
We are Thankful for You
Day 27
A strong immune system is our first line of defense during cold and flu season and it's even more important during a pandemic.
Get Strong
Day 28
Got leftovers? Samesies. Try this truly tasty 2-step turkey rice salad and dance your way to a quick & healthy meal.
Cooked Once Eaten Twice 
Day 29
Start the week with these 5 ways to boost your energy level and keep it going all season. Here's a quick rundown on ways to keep from feeling run down.
Boost It 

Day 30
Tomorrow is Giving Tuesday. You finished Eat Smart Month strong and you can help keep the hearts you love healthy and strong with a gift that saves lives.
Donate Now

November 15-21, 2020

 Day 16
Feel like worry over coronavirus might be raising your blood pressure? Time to get it checked. Some research suggests high blood pressure might raise your risk of experiencing complications from the coronavirus.
Find Out How

Day 17
Here's a Tuesday tip. It’s a fact that eating stacks of “empty” snacks deserves a bad rap, so switch it up with one of these crunchers.
Snack Smart

Day 18
Whether you're naughty or nice, you'll love maple-spice. But don't go nuts over this protein snack! Just a handful will do.
Pass These Pecans
Day 19
Enjoy the mashed potatoes next week, but don't be a couch potato. Get moving with our at-home workout videos.
Move More
 Day 20
It’s finally Friday, so let’s celebrate by subbing that sugary latte for this protein-packed pumpkin spice smoothie.
Switch It Up
Day 21
Be sure to make your list and check it twice and look for the Heart-Check mark to make your grocery shopping and healthy eating a breeze.
Shop It

November 8-14, 2020

Day 8 
Do you or a loved one have type 2 diabetes? That can leave you with a lot of questions about nutrition. Join AHA and ADA this Tuesday, 11/10/2020 and ask questions—online or on the phone—in a live Q&A with ADA diabetes experts.
Get Answers

 Day 9
Today's Monday mantra is to stay safe. For real, catching the flu can weaken your ability to avoid COVID-19.
Get a Flu Shot

 Day 10
Who knew dessert could be heart healthy? Uh, we did. Warm apples and fall spices elevate this holiday treat.
Mmmmmmmake It

 Day 11
Take a moment to thank a veteran for their service today. Then take 10 to work in a workout here and there.
Move More with these Moves
 Day 12
You "bettah" dip in to our guilt-free, creamy spinach-feta. This appetizer is ready in mmmmminutes.
Whip It Up
 Day 13
Today might be Friday the 13th, but there’s nothing superstitious about getting too much sodium, even if you never pick up the salt shaker.
Lose the Salt
 Day 14
Make this steamy seasonal stew on slow cooker Saturday to help you meal prep for the upcoming week.
Set it and Forget it

November 1-7, 2020

Day 1
Eating healthy can be easy, affordable and delicious. Celebrate the holidays by eating smart.
Start Now

Day 2
Happy Monday! Try a twist on a traditional side dish with these 6 delicious ingredients.
Cook It

Day 3
Ur body might be telling you ur stressed. Here's how to hear it.
Listen Up

Day 4
Rough night? Take it easy today with these easy-peasy seasonal muffins. They're perfect for a warm breakfast grab on the go. 
Bake 'Em

Day 5
Juggling work, school, finances, parenting ... all the things? Save some time, dollars and "sense" on meals by planning ahead.
Make a Meal Plan

Day 6
It's AHA. Friday feelings have us thinking of Thanksgiving dinner already. Try our holiday menu for the newbie or expert over the weekend, complete with extra veggie sides.
Get Cooking

Day 7
Let's let go of this week. Meditation and mindfulness are powerful practices that can help boost your mental health and manage stress. Try to find a quiet space sometime today.
Practice Mindfulness

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