Check. Change. Control. Cholesterol™

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Cholesterol Resources for Providers

ASCVD Risk Calculator

A tool to help you and your patient estimate the 10-year risk of having an atherosclerotic event, based on current levels of traditional cardiovascular disease factors.

2018 Guideline on the Management of Blood Cholesterol

The 2018 guideline addresses the practical management of patients with high blood cholesterol and related disorders.

Cholesterol Management Guide for Healthcare Practitioners

A convenient guide designed to assist professionals in addressing, diagnosing and managing their patients' cholesterol.

Check. Change. Control. Cholesterol Provider Website

A comprehensive and informative site designed specifically for professionals who want to stay informed about the latest cholesterol studies, guidelines and news.

Resources to Share with Your Patients

Check. Change. Control. Cholesterol Patient Website

The AHA's official cholesterol site designed especially for patients. Updated regularly, the site provides practical and relevant information about cholesterol evaluation, treatment and management.

Take Action. Live Healthy! Patient Cholesterol Guide

An informative resource designed for patients, this comprehensive guide will help to educate your patients about controlling and managing their cholesterol.