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Sharing your personal connection to heart disease or stroke can impact so many others. Whether you are a heart disease survivor, stroke survivor, caregiver, if you have lost a loved one or have made incredible health changes because of your family history, please consider sharing your story with us to make a difference. We rely on people like you to help us at events, with media interviews, news articles, stories for social media and so much more. You embody the mission of the American Heart Association and are the reason we do the work that we do.

By filling out this form, your information will be shared with our local Communications team and they will get in contact with you for more information.

Thank you so much! If you have any questions please email us.

  • Share Your Story

    Have you or someone you care about suffered from heart disease or stroke? Give hope to others by sharing your story.

    At the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association, we often get requests from the media, companies, schools, and others for individuals to share their story.

    If your story fits a request made to us, we will contact you and ask for your permission to use your story. We do not share this information without prior permission from you.

    Thank you in advance for your help as we work together in the fight against heart disease and stroke.

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  • Do you need some help sharing your story? Here are a few tips to get you started:

    1. Tell us about you

    • Share your name (and nickname if you have one)
    • Tell us about your family (parents, children, siblings, pets)

    2. Tell us about your heart.

    3. How is your heart different than others’?

    4. What happened?

    • If it’s a heart condition, which one is it?
    • How old were you?
    • What did the doctors do to make you better?
    • How did this make you feel?
    • How did this experience change your life? Are there things you can’t do anymore?
    • How did this affect your friends and your family?

    5. Tell us about you now

    • Are you better? How do you feel now?
    • Do you have any habits that help keep your heart healthy so it doesn’t get sick again such as taking medicine, eating healthier or getting physical activity?
    • What do you like to do? Any favorite hobbies or activities?

    6. What is your wish for other's with heart disease? Or, for our child survivors, what do you wish for other children with sick hearts?

    7. What do you want people to know about the American Heart Association? Or about participating in Jump Rope For Heart, Hoops For Heart, Heart Walk or other events?

    Please know, the American Heart Association (AHA) is grateful to people like you for sharing your story. Your stories are why we continue to work hard each day to find cures, treatments and change public policy and behaviors.

    For our child surivors, kids love hearing about other kids, especially when they use their own words to tell their story from a kid’s perspective. Please know that the story does not have to be long, as kids appreciate ‘short stories’.

    This can be your starting point, an AHA representative will contact you to find out more.

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    Thank you so much for sharing your story!

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