James J. Postl

Immediate Past Chairman

James J. Postl

James Postl is the 2017-19 chairman of the board of the American Heart Association. He is the retired president and chief executive officer of Pennzoil-Quaker State Company.

As chairman, Postl is responsible for the overall administration of business affairs, public relations and fundraising and will preside over meetings of the board of directors and Executive Committee.

Postl has been a member of the AHA’s Board of Directors since 2010, and is also chairperson of its Executive Committee and a member of its Advocacy Coordinating Committee, Audit Committee, Corporate Operations Coordinating Committee, International Committee, and Nominating Committee. He was the 2014-16 chairman of the association’s SouthWest Affiliate and co-chaired the organization’s International Committee from 2013 to 2015.

Postl became a volunteer in 2001 in the Houston area, and has played a leading role in fundraising for local events including Heart Walk and Heart Ball. He chaired the Houston Heart Walk in 2003.