Legacy of Heart Newsletter

Legacy of Heart Newsletter

Keep up with the latest stories of the fight against cardiovascular diseases and stroke.

Stories from the Heart: Tony Taddeo


Tony Taddeo – A 91-year old runner back on track after cardiac surgery.

Also In This Issue:
  • Legacy Leaders: Doris and Bill Jaeger – Paying it forward
  • 50 Years of Giving Back – Cliff Lura celebrates 50 years with the American Heart Association
  • Recipe: Turkey Medallions with Sweet Potato-Walnut Mash – A holiday treat
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Stories from the Heart: Bernie Oakes


Bernie Oakes – Former Marine, survivor, and now a support system for others in need.

Also In This Issue:
  • Women and Heart Disease – Are the hearts of men and women really different? You might be surprised!
  • Legacy Leaders: Eugene Calman – His battle with coronary heart disease and how his gift to the association will help those in need.
  • Recipe: Picnic Cole Slaw – Be the hit of the party this summer with this heart healthy fan favorite!
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Stories from the Heart: Bonita and Jay Jefferies


Bonita and Jay Jefferies: How a radio commercial helped change the course of their lives.

Also In This Issue:
  • Scientific Sessions 2015 – our yearly conference attracts some of the best minds in science and research. Learn how new breakthroughs are affecting the way we view heart disease and stroke.
  • Legacy Leaders: Oscar & Inge – long time companions who wanted to leave a lasting legacy and make a difference in the lives of others.
  • Recipe: Zesty Pecan-Crusted Tilapia
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Historic Moments from the American Heart Association

VOLUME 34 Fall 2015

Historic Moments from the American Heart Association: A century of achievements that have transpired in support of our mission.

Also In This Issue:
  • Stories from the Heart: Kay Machyniak and her daughter Karla - read how Kay’s heart attack changed Karla’s direction in life.
  • Legacy Leader: Eva Dover - mother to a special needs child, and how she was able to provide a lifetime of income to him.
  • Recipe: Chicken Tortilla Soup
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Dropping a Spot: Stroke Research is Saving Even More Lives


Dropping a Spot: Stroke research is saving even more lives.

Also In This Issue:
  • Stories from the Heart - from stroke caregiver to stroke patient, meet Jennifer Caribardi
  • Legacy Leaders - Dr. Frederick Hatch & his wife Virginia, on the importance of giving back
  • Test your estate planning knowledge - a quiz to find out how much you really know
  • Recipe: Black Bean and Brown Rice Salad
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