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Heart Failure is projected to impact more than 8 million people by the year 2030. Of primary concern, data shows that approximately 25% of heart failure patients pass away within one year of diagnosis. These factors among others, are why it is more important than ever for the American Heart Association to drive efforts that focus on increasing healthy life expectancy (HALE).

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To tackle the problem, we have launched IMPLEMENT-HF™. The goal of IMPLEMENT-HF™ is to enhance the patient experience and build a bridge between heart failure care settings in order to achieve precise heart failure management and improve outcomes for all patients. This innovative initiative will take place in seven regions across the country:

Full List of Participating Hospitals (PDF)

Chicago, Illinois

East Central North Carolina

Kansas City, Missouri

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

New Jersey

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

St. Louis, Missouri

HF Helper App

An app that helps you manage your heart failure.

HF Helper lets you:

  • Track symptoms, medications and more
  • Share health information with your health care team
  • Connect with others living with heart failure

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Participating Organizations

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The American Heart Association’s National Heart Failure Initiative, Implement-HF™, is made possible with funding by founding sponsor, Novartis and national sponsor, Boehringer Ingelheim and Eli Lilly and Company.