Foodscape Innovation Summit

Dr. Eduardo Sanchez speaking at the 4th Annual Foodscape Innovation Summit

To transform a system, all stakeholders must communicate to find common ground for action. We convene the Foodscape Innovation Summit annually to engage in dialogue with thought leaders and stakeholders throughout the food system. We come together from non-profit, corporate, government, and academic sectors to find common ground and explore collaborative solutions to challenges facing the food system. Learnings from the summit inform data-driven, cross-sector, coordinated action for the health of people and planet.

At a time of deep disruption in the global food ecosystem, the 5th Annual Foodscape Innovation Summit Report offers multisector insights into opportunities to learn, collaborate, transform communities, advance research, and transform communication with people.

Food system leaders who are interested in contributing to our efforts to accelerate progress in the food system are invited to contact Foodscape Innovation team to learn more.

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