Industry Nutrition Forum

What is the Industry Nutrition Forum?

The American Heart Association’s Industry Nutrition Forum, previously called the Industry Nutrition Advisory Panel (INAP), brings together leaders from the food system who embrace the American Heart Association’s work to accelerate making food more nourishing, healthier foods and beverages accessible to everyone,and the food system more environmentally sustainable. Through the forum, industry members are kept abreast of emerging nutrition science and American Heart Association nutrition policies and programs while providing the American Heart Association information on the strategic needs, structure and operations of the food industry.

Simply put – the Industry Nutrition Forum is a meaningful and purposeful relationship that connects the leaders in today’s food industry with the American Heart Association.

Who are members of the Industry Nutrition Forum?

The forum is comprised of current American Heart Association Nutrition Committee representatives and food and beverage industry members. An industry member may represent any for-profit or not-for-profit corporation, trade organization or agency whose objectives are in alignment with the mission, values and interests of the American Heart Association as it relates to advancing nutrition science, the application of science to food processing and public adoption of healthy dietary patterns. This dynamic group represents some of the most recognized food industry businesses in America.

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