Donor Advised Fund Resources

As a professional advisor you can help your clients as they consider creating a donor advised fund (DAF). Many people dream of establish a legacy of charitable giving, but they may not realize the many options available to them.

Providing education on the variety of ways to fulfill their philanthropic goals, can garner stronger and more enduring relationships. Helping them fulfill their charitable goals and sustaining their broader values beyond management of their assets, means a more meaningful and relevant estate plan.

Establishing a DAF allows your clients the opportunity to create a lasting legacy for their family and community. Parents can educate their children about the importance of philanthropy by involving them in the process of creating a grant for a cause they care deeply about. Children can also acquire valuable financial management skills, as they determine which charities to fund.

With more than $80 billion already contributed to donor advised funds, people have clearly embraced DAFs as a great avenue for charitable gifts.

Learn more about how Donor Advised Funds could benefit your clients.

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