Western States Saving Strokes Volunteer Form

Saving Strokes volunteers standing near golf carts that read "player assistant"

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association's Saving Strokes program. Saving Strokes empowers stroke victors by showing them that disabilities do not need to stop them from playing – or learning – golf. The program could not have grown to the success it is today without the help of people like you. Please see the list of volunteer/vendor options below, fill out the form, and click submit.


  • Golf Pro-MSR hours for participating in the day’s activities, free training on adaptive equipment, teaching techniques for working with stroke victors and other people with disabilities and clientele building.
  • PT/RT/RN-Meet with the Golf Pros to review "the basics" in stroke recovery; the challenges stroke survivors face and how these challenges may impact an individual’s stance, swing and stability. Meet with each participant to perform a mini assessment of their range of motion, motor control and balance. Assist the participants with transfers and mobility as needed to help make their experience successful and fun.
  • RN/LVN/Student RN- Take BP’s of participants. Make educated decision about participation in day based on BP reading.


  • Registration - Check off name of participant on registration list. Give Participant nametag, event program and map of the event.
  • Transportation - Transport people to and from the parking lot to the main Saving Strokes area via golf cart; shuttle to bathroom and to lunch if necessary.
  • Greeter – Greet participants at registration; escort them to blood pressure station and tell them briefly where to go next – PT and then pro matching - and answer any questions about the day.
  • Pro Matching - Assure all pros and participants are matched for sessions as they become available. Monitor pro sessions and ensure they do not exceed 30 minutes.
  • Set-up/take-down - Help with the set up and take down of tables, chairs, tents, signs, pick up trash and take carts back to cart station.


  • Areas of interest for Stroke survivors and caregivers