Paul Dudley White Award and Nomination Form


The esteemed Paul Dudley White Award is named in honor of one of Boston’s most revered cardiologists, Dr. Paul Dudley White, who was a founding father of the American Heart Association. This award epitomizes the organization’s most prestigious tribute. The award is bestowed annually to a Massachusetts physician dedicated to cardiovascular or stroke care. 

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The 2020 Paul Dudley White Award Selection committee includes the following members: 

Gerald Marx, MD, Chairman - Boston Children's Hospital
Dale Adler, MD - Brigham and Women's Hospital
Emelia Benjamin, MD - Boston Medical Center
Douglas Drachman, MD - Massachusetts General Hospital
Steven Feske, MD - Brigham & Women's Hospital
Naomi Hamburg, MD - Boston Medical Center
Warren Manning, MD - Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Kshitij Mistry, MD - Boston Children's Hospital
George Philippides, MD - Newton Wellesley Hospital
Fredic Resnic, MD - Lahey Medical Center
James Udelson, MD - Tufts Medical Center
Malissa Wood, MD - Massachusetts General Hospital


  1. The Paul Dudley White Award is given to a Massachusetts physician.

  2. The individual must symbolize the integrity and values of the American Heart Association.

  3. The recipient must demonstrate a distinguished contribution of lasting and continuing nature to the mission of the American Heart Association – building healthier lives, free of cardiovascular disease and stroke, and most include two components

    a. Service to the American Heart Association: accomplishments can include activities conducted on a division, affiliate, regional or national level of the American Heart Association. Examples of  these include: committee service or leadership; editorial boards for AHA journals; writing groups for AHA guidelines; advocacy efforts at local, regional or national levels; fundraising or  development; community service; AHA research study section membership;

    b. Contributions to the field of cardiovascular or cerebrovascular medicine/surgery: accomplishments can include clinical care, scientific research, teaching and/or mentoring.

  4. Only individuals alive at the time of the decision of the PDW Nominating and Selection Committee are eligible for the PDW Award. If an individual selected for the PDW Award dies prior to receiving the award, the award will given to that individual posthumously.

  5. Nominated candidates will be reviewed for two additional years after their original nomination for the PDW Award. The original sponsor of the nominee will be contacted by AHA staff each year for an update of the nominee’s qualifications for the PDW Award.

  6. After three years of consideration for the nomination, the nominee will be dropped from the nomination list. The nominee can subsequently be re-nominated with completely new nomination materials at any time after the initial three years of consideration. The nominee will be reviewed for an additional two years after the re-nomination. The original sponsor of the nominee will be contacted by AHA staff each year for an update of the nominee’s qualifications for the PDW Award.


Please complete all fields below and upload required supporting documents at the bottom of the nomination form:

  • Candidates CV (required)
  • Nomination Letter (required)
    • How has this individual made distinguished and lasting contributions to support the AHA's mission of building healthier lives free of cardiovascular disease and stroke?
    • How has this candidate been involved with the American Heart Association on a local / regional or national level?
    • How has this candidate made major contributions to the field of cardiovascular or cerebrovascular medicine / surgery?
    • How is this candidate similar to Paul Dudley White in humanistic qualities (e.g. compassion, integrity, patient advocacy, bedside manner)?

If you prefer to mail supporting documents you may do so to the American Heart Association, Attn: Paul Dudley White Award, 300 5th Avenue, Suite 6, Waltham, MA 02451. For questions please contact Melissa at [email protected] or 781.373.4537.