Orange County Media and Key Contacts

We're part of the Orange County community and we can't wait to get to know you! If you have questions about our events, how to get involved, sponsorships or media requests please reach out to our staff.

Orange County Main Office: (949) 856-3555

General Inquiries: [email protected]

American Heart Association, Orange County - Media Relations:

Daniel Ruacho, Sr. Director, Communications & Marketing (480) 773-2355 or [email protected]

For national media inquiries, please call (214) 706-1173

Additional Media Resources:

AHA National Newsroom, Includes our national news releases and multi-media resources.

CPR certification: For training and certification please contact a local training center, our office does not provide classes. Locate a training center near you and find more information on our CPR website or call our national CPR training line for assistance at 1-877-AHA-4CPR or 1-877-242-4277.

Orange County Event Contacts:

Executive Director: Lani Go-Keala, (949) 885-1537

Vice President, Development: Dawn Hoem, (949) 885-1540

Community Impact: Marklem Valdovinos, Sr. Director (949) 885-1543

Operations: Sheila Blackerby, (949) 885-1542

Social Market (Gala-Go-Red):
Coordinator: John Prichard, Business Development Coordinator (949) 885-1524
Heart & Stroke Ball:TBD, Business Development Coordinator (949) 885-1524
Go Red For Women Luncheon:Guinevere Endter, Business Development Coordinator (949) 885-1514

Heart & Stroke Walk: TBD, Sr. Business Development Director (949) 885-1523
Coordinator: Mackenzie Klemme, Business Development Coordinator (949) 885-1544
Libby Fuller, Business Development Director (949) 885-1518
Heather Peloquin, Business Development Director (949) 885-1546

Kids Heart Challenge:
Audra Milliken, Youth Market Director (949) 885-1501
Mario Ale, Youth Market Director (949) 885-1512
Zoe Begg-Herbert, Youth Market Associate (949) 885-1516

General Inquiries: Sheila Blackerby