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Help us ensure everyone in Minnesota has the opportunity to live longer, healthier lives.

Healthy for Good

Living healthy and free of disease makes a critical difference in quality of life. That’s why we’re working to raise awareness about the vital effect lifestyle has on health and helping communities form healthy habits.

Show You Have Minnesota at Heart

Your donation will help us save and improve lives right here in Minnesota with research, education and emergency care. 

Minnesota Disparities

Minnesota often ranks in the top 5 nationally for places to live, overall health, volunteerism and philanthropy. Sadly, we also rank in the bottom 5 for worst health disparities as not everyone has equal access to housing options, healthy food, healthcare, and safe places to exercise.

In the Twin Cities, a few miles between neighborhoods could equate to a 27-year difference in life expectancy. We don’t think that it’s fair that a person’s zip code could have more impact on their health than their genetic code. Those in outstate Minnesota are also challenged with long distances to grocery stores and clinics. We are working within our communities to eliminate these social barriers and ensure health equity for all in Minnesota.

AHA to fund Health Equity Solutions in the Twin Cities

The AHA’s Social Impact Fund will make $1 million in funding available for businesses and nonprofits that are working to sustainably address health disparities for residents in the Twin Cities. The nationwide fund is focused on supporting evidence-based, community-driven entrepreneurial solutions that catalyze the removal of social and economic barriers to health equity.

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Financial grants and business training available for Twin Cities women working to address healthy equity for women

The AHA is funding social entrepreneurs in the Twin Cities Metro by our EmPOWERED To Serve Business Accelerator™ that helps improve underlying health conditions in underserved communities. Ten finalists are selected and will be featured at the Go Red for Women Evening of Empowerment on February 11. They will begin four weeks of intensive, online MBA-style training before presenting their proposed business solutions to a panel of expert judges at the EmPOWERED to Serve Business Accelerator Finaleon April 1. At that time, select candidates will have the opportunity to receive financial grants to operationalize models in their specific communities. Grants range from $2,500 to $15,000.

CPR & First Aid Training

Emergencies leave us feeling helpless, but they don’t have to. Take two minutes to learn Hands-Only CPR™ now. 70 percent of out-of-hospital cardiac arrests happen in homes. When a person has a cardiac arrest, immediate CPR can double or triple their chance of survival. Prepare to save a life, find a CPR course near you today.

Community Work

Everyone deserves the best possible life, and it starts right here.

Leading with Survivors

Michelle shares her story of surviving stroke at age 37 as a single mom.

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