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Imagine a Birmingham where healthy choices are equitable and accessible, where your interstate exit does not determine your health. From our surrounding rural areas to our urban cores, we are fighting for longer lives by making the places where we live, learn, work, play, pray and heal as healthy as can be.

We are committed to equitably increasing healthy life expectancy in our community by addressing both physical and mental well-being. Blood pressure, healthy eating, physical activity, and social determinants of health are our greatest health priorities here in Birmingham.

There are nearly 100 food deserts in the Birmingham metro area with limited access to healthy food.

Help Others Survive Heart Disease & Stroke

You’re invited to be part of the next big breakthrough. Thanks to the power of supporters like you in our first 100 years, we’ve changed the way the world thinks about heart disease and stroke with advancements like the pacemaker and artificial heart valve. Donate now to get 2X MATCHED and help discover the next breakthrough in a new century of lifesaving.
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A Culture of Health & Wellness

Everyone deserves the best possible life, and it starts right here in our community.

Love your own heart first

Did you know that one in three women are living with some form of heart disease? But there’s good news! Showing your heart some love can prevent 80% of the major problems. By making simple lifestyle changes, like eating healthier, managing your stress, and exercising more, you can make big improvements with your health. Your heart will thank you for it. And we’re here to help!

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Understanding Congenital Heart Defects

Having a baby is one of life’s greatest joys. But what if your baby was born with a congenital heart defect (CHD)? Parents of CHD kids are not only faced with the typical questions and stresses of raising a child, but also understanding the specialized needs of a child with CHD. Whether you’re a parent caring for a child with CHD or just looking for more information, we're here to provide you with the education and resources you need to keep your child healthy and strong.

How do you mend a broken heart?

We have all experienced some form of loss or grief. Losing a loved one, breaking up with someone – it can feel like your heart is literally breaking. In fact, in some cases, it can. “Broken heart syndrome,” also known as stress-induced cardiomyopathy, is caused by high levels of stress hormones following an emotionally stressful event. While we may not be able to help you with your love life, we can help you manage your stress to better protect your heart.

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Ovuke McCoy

“Heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women, especially in the Black community. As Black women, we carry a lot of weight in our community, because we take care of people. Many of us are single moms, but we have to take care of ourselves. Self-care is the best care. No one can take care of ourselves besides us.”

Ovuke Emonina McCoy, heart transplant survivor

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Bertha Hidalgo

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