Making a Commitment to Fitness

Updated:Apr 24,2017

women doing yogaMaking the decision to start a physical activity routine is a big commitment to your long-term health.

To stay focused on your physical activity routine, consider writing and signing a contract to yourself. This will provide a more formalized, visual reminder of your fitness pledge.

Once you’ve identified specific activity goals, your contract may include things like the amount of physical activity you plan to do each week, the days and times you plan to do it and any specific milestones you’d like to achieve, such as running your first 5K race.

Writing down the reasons why you want to be more active also can help. Your reason might be better overall health, more energy, managing a health condition like blood pressure or diabetes or simply looking and feeling better.

Post these reasons, along with your signed commitment, where they will be seen daily and serve as a reminder to keep you motivated.

Here’s a sample commitment document you can fill in for yourself:

My goal is to be active ______ minutes per day, ______days per week.

I will do these types of activities to meet my goals:

I am making this commitment for the following reasons:

[Your Signature Here]

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