Whole Grains

Updated:May 1,2017
Whole Grains

Incorporating whole grains into your family’s meals is a great way to keep your body healthy. Whole grains contain additional protein, fiber and other nutrients that are usually lost in the refining process. They contain nutrients that are instrumental in preventing chronic diseases in your body and create a healthier alternative for your meals. Learn more about the advantages of whole grains and how to incorporate them into your diet to create heart-healthy meals.

About Whole Grains and Fiber

Adding whole grains to your diet is an excellent way to increase your intake of fiber and other key nutrients.

The Greatness of Whole Grain

Adding whole grains to your diet isn’t just a fad, its smart. See what studies have to say about the benefits of adding whole grains to your diet.

How to Eat 3 or More Whole Grains a Day

Increase your fiber intake and lower your chances of heart disease with fiber-rich foods. These simple substitutions can help you create more heart-healthy meals.

Fiber Up, Slim Down

Weight loss can often be a frustrating process but adding fiber to your diet can help you shed the pounds. Learn how whole grains can help you lose weight.


Carbohydrates are a necessary part of a balanced diet, but not all carbs are created equal. Learn the differences.


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