Super User Accounts

Compare patient care across multiple locations with one easy-to-use Super User account within Get With The Guidelines. 

For multisite health care systems, the addition of a Super User account, combined with consistent analysis of data, a robust quality improvement program, and the implementation of evidence-based practice can enhance patient care, increase patient safety, and improve patient outcomes.

The Super User account and Get With The Guidelines registry programs have the potential to standardize corporate and organizational expectations across a multisite health care system.

About Super User Accounts

Super User accounts provide unique access to multisite health care system data for a select group of individuals who have been chosen by the hospitals to review and analyze the data submitted into Get With The Guidelines registries.

Many different kinds of organizations leverage this option, including:

  • State Departments of Health
  • Local health departments
  • EMS agencies
  • Independent quality collaboratives
  • Hospital Corporations where multiple hospitals participate in a Get With The Guidelines program

With a Super User account, analytics can be used in identifying data-driven opportunities for performance, process and educational improvement. 

Super User Account Features

  • Single login for all registry accounts
  • Super User upload to multiple facilities
  • Dynamic configurable measure reports
  • Enhanced filtering/comparison elements
  • New time tracker report
  • Combined facility patient list report
  • Compare advanced analytic reports
  • Run reports against multiple benchmark groups at the same time
  • Add optional layers (e.g., EMS, certification layers, state/local/regional Initiatives)  

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