Learn how Get With The Guidelines® - Coronary Artery Disease supports Mission: Lifeline®


Get With The Guidelines®- Coronary Artery Disease (GWTG-CAD) was the flagship Get With The Guidelines module for AMI quality improvement from 2005-2010. In April 2017, The American Heart Association was pleased to announce the re-launch of GWTG-CAD which is fully supporting the Mission: Lifeline® program and cardiovascular quality improvement activities.

Similar to the AHA's other Get With The Guidelines programs, GWTG-CAD is supported by IQVIA, formally Quintiles IMS, and was built with familiar features and streamlined functionality. Get With The Guidelines - Coronary Artery Disease is now available on a new, exciting interactive and state of the art platform. Together, the AHA and IQVIA offer unmatched customer service along with quality improvement and systems of care implementation expertise and are actively building for the future.

GWTG-CAD Supports Mission: Lifeline Program

Mission: Lifeline STEMI Systems of Care Implementation and Regionalization

What better way to regionalize STEMI Systems of Care efforts and add meaningful data to provide in regional and statewide Mission: Lifeline meetings, but to participate in the new and improved Mission: Lifeline regional reports?

The AHA's Mission: Lifeline regional reports have been a staple for regional STEMI systems implementation and process improvement feedback since 2012. Blinded (or un-blinded) comparison of hospitals in a defined region, to each other and benchmarked against the region's performance, is a tool that has served and will continue to serve regional systems of care optimization across the U.S.

Mission: Lifeline's new and improved regional reports are back and better than ever. Early survey results from multiple Mission: Lifeline participants state: 

  • Amount of data provided is - "Better than expected"
  • Regional level data is - "Better than expected"
  • The new Mission: Lifeline report meets STEMI and STEMI System of Care reporting needs is - "Better than expected"
  • The flow of the Mission: Lifeline report is - "Better than expected"
  • The export to excel, PDF, PowerPoint functions are - "Better than expected"
  • Best new feature(s) - "Regional adherence to Mission: Lifeline measures", "% pre-hospital cath lab activation prior to EMS arrival compared to % activation after the EMS patient's arrival", and "regional graphical displays over time".

Contact your local AHA Quality Director or [email protected] for more information on participating in a Mission: Lifeline regional report.

Mission: Lifeline STEMI and NSTEMI Recognition

Since 2010, the AHA's popular Mission: Lifeline program has recognized hospitals for their outstanding performance in high quality systems of care performance by meeting or exceeding guideline therapy recommendations in treating patients presenting with STEMI heart attacks. GWTG-CAD data is the only data source that will be analyzed for Mission: Lifeline STEMI and NSTEMI Recognition. 

For more information on GWTG-CAD and/or Mission: Lifeline participation, contact [email protected] and/or visit AHA's Mission: Lifeline program.