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AHA’s Commitment to Health Equity

Improve Health Outcomes: The Health Equity portfolio on the Professional Education Hub is one of the main key drivers of AHA’s 8th Commitment, as a solution for clinicians, health professionals, and scientists to remove barriers/bias that affect health outcomes.

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  • Fully online and self-paced learning environment free of commercial content.
  • Focused content that gives treatment options based on awareness of issues that affect patients.
  • Help with improving the patient-provider experience in the hospital/clinical setting.
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Featured Courses

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Achieving Health Equity for Patients with Disabilities

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Earn .25 CE Credits

Addressing Health Disparities

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Earn 1.5 CE Credits

Promoting Cardiovascular Health Equity Through Meaningful Partnerships

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Earn .25 CE Credits

Your home – and where it's located – may affect your health

Alecu Mocanu/500px via Getty Images

A person's home and neighborhood environment may play a major role in cardiovascular disease risk due to a wide range of factors affecting health behaviors, attitudes and resources.

Why are South Asians dying of heart disease? MASALA looks for answers.

triloks/E+ via Getty Images

MASALA, which stands for Mediators of Atherosclerosis in South Asians Living in America, is a pioneering long-term study that's finding data and diversity in one of the country's fastest-growing populations.

It's 'critical' to fix racial inequities in stroke care, new report says

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Research needs to look at upstream causes for "enormous inequities in stroke care," say authors of a new science report.

Health Equity In Action

View some of the latest in journals, webinars, and whitepapers on how Health Equity can be put into action.

Featured Webinar

Quality Improvement and Health Equity: Using Data to Inspire Equitable Care

Watch to learn about the Get With The Guidelines® programs’ new and revised data elements around social determinants of health, and how that data can be used to shine light on care disparities and drive equity-focused quality improvement.

Health Equity In Science

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The AHA's peer-reviewed, scientific research journals are committed to elevating the focus on disparities, anti-racism, health equity, community-engaged/community-based participatory research, and implementation science.

This collection pulls together original research, scientific statements, guidelines, review articles, and commentary that address ideas related to these important topics from across the AHA portfolio of journals.

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Our training prepares healthcare professionals to identify health disparities and integrate solutions that build health equity into clinical practice.

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