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View the NFL Exercise Videos

View the NFL Exercise Videos

Team & Video Link
Video Description
Arizona Cardinals Big Red Muscle Warm-up(link opens in new window) Big Red along with Arizona Cardinals cheerleaders, Darby and Stephanie, show how to warm-up your muscles.
Atlanta Falcons Fitness with Freddie(link opens in new window) Join Freddie from the Atlanta Falcons for a warm up to get your heart pumping.
Atlanta Falcons Forward Lunge(link opens in new window) Cheerleaders Lauren, Ben, and Hannah show their favorite fitness move – the Atlanta Falcons Forward Lunge!
Baltimore Ravens Slam Balls with Poe(link opens in new window) Raven's mascot, Poe, demonstrates ways to do Slam Ball exercises with objects you have at home.
Buffalo Bills Backyard Bootcamp(link opens in new window) Bills Legends, Lorenzo Alexander and Naaman Roosevelt, team up with Billy Buffalo to show you ways to get active in the backyard.
Carolina Panthers Action Break(link opens in new window) Jeremy Chinn, Safety for the Carolina Panthers, gets moving by running in place, doing jumping jacks, and more.
Carolina Panthers Sir Purr Action Medley(link opens in new window) Carolina Panthers mascot, Sir Purr, and Coach Lea team up for a Sir Purr Action Medley.
Chicago Bears Agility Ladder(link opens in new window) Chicago Bears Monster Squad members, Jacki, Jamie, and Terrance demonstrate exercises with an agility ladder.
Cincinnati Bengals Squat Benders and Windmills(link opens in new window) Learn two stationary exercises to increase your heart rate from Cincinnati Bengals running back, Chris Evans.
Cleveland Browns Sit-ups with Chomps(link opens in new window) Cleveland Browns Mascot, Chomps, shows how to move more with sit-ups.
Dallas Cowboys Arm Circles and Crosses(link opens in new window)
Dallas Cowboys Cornerback, Anthony Brown, and Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, Maddie, demonstrate ways to move more with arm exercises.
Dallas Cowboys Push-ups and Sit-ups(link opens in new window)
Dallas Cowboys Defensive End Sam Williams demonstrates push-ups, while Tyler Smith, Offensive Tackle, shows sit-ups!
Denver Broncos Cheer Dance(link opens in new window)
Denver Broncos Cheerleader Taylor demonstrates a fun way to get your heart pumping through a cheer dance!
Detroit Lions Squat Jumps(link opens in new window)
Roary, the Detroit Lions team mascot, demonstrates his favorite way to get his heart and muscles pumping – squat jumps!
Green Bay Packers Heart Rate Boosters(link opens in new window)
Chris Gizzi, Packers Strength and Conditioning Coordinator shows three moves to elevate heart rates.
Green Bay Packers High Knees, Karaoke, and Squats(link opens in new window)
Green Bay Packers Quarterback Jordan Love gets moving through high knees, karaoke, and squats!
Houston Texans Toro Touchdown Drills(link opens in new window)
Houston Texans mascot Toro, along with super fans Annelise and Emmeline, show you how to move more with the Toro Touchdown Drills.
Jacksonville Jaguars Jumping Jacks(link opens in new window) Jacksonville Jaguars cheerleader, Alyvia, along with mascot, Jaxson de Ville, show the proper way to do a jumping jack.
Jacksonville Jaguars Lunges(link opens in new window) Alyvia and Ariana, Jacksonville Roar Cheerleaders, demonstrate their favorite exercise – lunges.
Kansas City Chiefs Championship Plank Challenge(link opens in new window) Former Chiefs Safety and Special Teams Captain, Jon McGraw, demonstrates how to plank like a champion.
Indianapolis Colts Word Workout(link opens in new window) Indianapolis Colts cheerleader, Madison, shows ways to move more with a word workout.
Los Angeles Chargers Heart Rate Charge Up(link opens in new window)
Los Angeles Chargers running back, Joshua Kelly, shows ways to charge up your heart rate.
Los Angeles Rams Full-Body Workout(link opens in new window) Cheyenne, Los Angeles Rams cheerleader, demonstrates a full-body workout.
Las Vegas Raiders Supersets(link opens in new window) Get moving with Supersets by Las Vegas Raiderette, Mackenzie.
Miami Dolphins Seal Jacks(link opens in new window) Miami Dolphins cheerleader, Yelina, demonstrates how to change up jumping jacks and move more with seal jacks.
Minnesota Vikings Air Squat(link opens in new window) Harrison Phillips, Defensive Tackle for the Minnesota Vikings, teaches Victor, team mascot, how to do air squats!
Minnesota Vikings Plank to Pushup(link opens in new window) Follow along as Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders, Syndey and Andrea, show you how to move more with a plank to push up exercise.
New England Patriot Planks(link opens in new window) Plank it out with Victoria and Kayla, New England Patriots Cheerleaders, as they show us how to strengthen our cores and work towards 60 minutes of daily exercise.
New Orleans Saints Squats(link opens in new window) Gumbo, Sir Saint and Saintsation, Austen, demonstrate the Saints Squat.
New York Giants Chest and Triangle Push-Ups(link opens in new window) Work those arm muscles and more with Bobby Okereke, New York Giants Linebacker, through chest and triangle push-ups!
New York Giants Fast Feet(link opens in new window) Julian Love, Safety for the New York Giants, demonstrates some fast footwork.
Philadelphia Eagles High Knees, Arm Circles, and Toe Taps(link opens in new window) Work out with Marissa, Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader, through high knees, arm circles, and toe taps!
Pittsburgh Steelers Jump Squats(link opens in new window) Alex Highsmith, Linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers, gets active with jump squats.
Pittsburgh Steelers' Steel City Sit-Ups(link opens in new window) Pittsburgh Steelers former linebacker, Arthur Moats demonstrates how to do a Steel City Sit-Up.
San Francisco 49ers Sourdough Sam Squats(link opens in new window)
San Francisco 49ers mascot Sourdough Sam and super fan Jackson show how to move more with Sourdough Sam Squats.
Seattle Seahawks Squats and Lunges(link opens in new window)
Cameron and Geena, Seattle Seahawks Dancers, as well as Blitz, team mascot, demonstrate how to do squats and lunges.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Burpees(link opens in new window)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers mascot, Captain Fear and Bucs super fan, Wyatt, demonstrate the Buccaneers Burpee.
Tennessee Titans Air Squats, Jumping Jacks, and Reverse Lunges(link opens in new window)
Brenan, Courtney, and T-Rac from the Tennessee Titans Cheer Team work on their fitness with air squats, jumping jacks, and reverse lunges!
Tennessee Titans Super Squats(link opens in new window)
Tennessee Titans cheerleader Brenna is joined by mascot T-Rac to demonstrate super squats.
Washington Commanders Cheer Dance(link opens in new window)
Marissa and Jordan from the Washington Commanders Command Force show off their dance moves!
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